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Kepston Vacuum and Water Cooling Towers installation keeps site running like clockwork

We have been incredibly proud to receive such praise from the West Midlands based company, Kepston. In a recent letter to us the Works Manager, Tony Smith, wrote:

"I am writing this letter to thank Portobello for their outstanding work on the Vacuum and Water Cooling tower project. Your expertise and attention to detail were tremendously valuable on the project.

You joined the project at a very busy and critical time. You were able to quickly understand the objectives and priorities and make positive, quality contributions to the design and configuration processes. The quality of your work was recognised and appreciated by other functional team members, the owner, and technical staff alike.

Special mention should be given to Tim and Hal at the design stage, but also Guy, Hal and their team at time of installation couldn’t have been more helpful. Their commitment over the weekend installation of the Cooling Tower ensured the site was back up and running like clockwork on the Monday morning, for which we are highly grateful.

Again, I would like to express my sincere thanks for your contributions to our successful implementation of this project. I look forward to the opportunity to work together again."


Carter Cooling Towers Conduct Energy And Water Saving

Cooling towers designed and manufactured by Carter Environmental Engineers have significantly reduced energy, water and maintenance at NXP Semiconductors Manchester.

Initially, two of Carter's Forced Draught Towers (running at just 11kW) were brought in to replace systems with dual-speed motors (running at 30kW high speed) that would have proved uneconomic to retrofit with energy-saving invertors. As a member of NXP's facilities department explains, after 12 months' successful operation, a further two Carter Sandringham cooling towers, specified in 304 stainless steel, were installed (as were the first two) by Portobello Engineering.

"Since installation of the Carter's cooling towers along with inverters, there has not only been a reduction in energy, but because of the accurate control there has also been a reduction in water usage".

The old cooling towers had been overflowing and were arduous to maintain, especially as the pack could not be removed easily for inspection – whereas Carter's L8-led design, with open troughs and sumps sloping towards the drain make cleaning and inspection much easier.

In addition to designing the pipework modifications required, Carter has also made maintenance much easier by fabricating stainless steel platforms, rails and ladders, along with a removable pack access door for visual inspection and cleaning. Their representative added: "Overall, this has been seen as a first class upgrade, with a very professional installation by Portobello Engineering and wide ranging, long-term benefits from Carter's cooling tower design".

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